A-Frame IHOPs

Far from their modern, boxy and generic storefronts, IHOP used to rock a very recognizable building model- the "A-frame" IHOP. A scattered handful remain operating as IHOPs, with many more now operating as other businesses.

Pineapple Bay

Titusville FL

This location is last mentioned as IHOP in 1990, and has been a few different Asian restaurants until Pineapple Bay closed by 2011. It's had this fencing around it since 2018.

TJ's For Great Alt Texts

Rockledge, FL

This one was last mentioned as IHOP in 1993; it rotated through a few tenants in the 90s, and has been TJ's since at least 2007. Take note of the original IHOP sign frame.

The Best Retail Photography In The County, Or Your Money Back

Lake Wales, FL