Look at my works ye might, and despair!

This site is constantly changing and improving. These are the dusty archives, pages I've given up on updating or maintaining. Stuff may not be centered, however links *should* stay working, I try not to delete stuff but only comment it out or replace it with a new file. Anyway, no gurantees, warranties, licenses, redunds, whatever, etc.
Junkyard Car Spotting - The early version of my junkyard car spotting, with simpler pages akin to my normal car spotting. May be revived with future motivation.
Mister Donut Buildings - Photos of Mr. Donut buildings in my area
A-Frame IHOPs - Photos of old A-frame IHOP buildings in my area
Old Gas Stations - Photos of old service and gas stations in my area.
Acrcade Monsters - a page with photos about my visit to what is now Arcade Monsters' old Melbourne location. Unsure if I ever actually linked this on the main page.
Florida Railroad Museum - An unfinished page about my visit to the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL