Nissan Cube Krom

While I admit this is a *dogshit* tier photo, as sadly many of my car spots are, this car is a neat little thing, so I wanted to write about it. The Nissan Cube Krom was a special high end trim package for the Nissan Cube and Rogue, from 2010-2011. Massively succesful as one can see. The Krom package included a rear spoiler, seen here, as well as a redesigned bumper and grille and an interior that boasted LED accent lighting, titanium-tone outlined pedals, a built in navigation system and backup camera, and special seat fabric. It also came with 16-inch alloy wheels.

as the short lived production run suggests, the Krom didn't quite take off, and was quietly discontinued. Here's my one amateur photo from a stoplight. This Krom was spotted on November 25th, 2022 in Melbourne, FL