Vintage Gas Stations

While today mosts gas stations feature c-stores that are either tiny boxes or the size of my house, retro gas stations had a lot more pizzaz. Various stations are listed below.

Subway: Eat Gas

Melbourne, FL

Originally a Phillips 66; a "clipped" batwing station. Subway has been here since at least 1989.

Art's Window Tinting

Melbourne, FL

Originally a Tenneco

Mitchco Collission Repair

Melbourne, FL

Originally Sargent's [sic] 76.

Banana River Boat & Automotive

Merritt Island, FL

The earliest I can find about this is that it was a Mobil in the 80s, which seems too late for this. Banana River has been here since 2021; previous streetviews show "Boatcorp" here.

Brevard Prosthetics

Rockledge, FL

A mystery station


Melbourne, FL

A former Texaco on US-1


Satellite Beach, FL

An old Shell "pylon" station (missing it's plyon, sadly).


Melbourne, FL

Another mystery station, I hate to say. Blt 1954, was an auto body shop by 1970. Has been vacant since 2015, when the owner had to close it due to health issues. Possibly Phillips?

All in all...

Canal Point, FL

Former Texaco with a bricked up canopy in Canal Point, FL. Big thanks to todasreq on Discord for identifying this as a Texaco.