Vintage Gas Stations

While today mosts gas stations feature c-stores that are either tiny boxes or the size of my house, retro gas stations had a lot more pizzaz. Various stations are listed below.

Subway: Eat Gas

Melbourne, FL

Originally a Phillips 66; a "clipped" batwing station. Subway has been here since at least 1989.

Art's Window Tinting

Melbourne, FL

Originally a Tenneco

Mitchco Collission Repair

Melbourne, FL

Originally Sargent's [sic] 76.

Banana River Boat & Automotive

Merritt Island, FL

The earliest I can find about this is that it was a Mobil in the 80s, which seems too late for this. Banana River has been here since 2021; previous streetviews show "Boatcorp" here.

Brevard Prosthetics

Rockledge, FL

A mystery station


Melbourne, FL

Another mystery station, this time on US-1 in Melbourne.


Satellite Beach, FL

An old Shell "pylon" station (missing it's plyon, sadly).



Another mystery station, I hate to say. Blt 1954, was an auto body shop by 1970. Has been vacant since 2015, when the owner had to close it due to health issues. Possibly Phillips?