Artesia was a small town, located in what is now Cape Canaveral. It was founded in 1856 by H. Wilson and Captain Mills Olcott Burnham, and by the 1920s developed into a small village of fishermen, retirees, and lighthouse staff, at which point the area was opened to further residents under the Homestead Act, leading to an influx of new residents and some small businesses. However, it's relative isolation, lack of permanent roads, and access by boat only, restricted its growth. The specific location was detailed as 7 miles north of Cocoa Beach, just barely north of what is now Port Canaveral. The only surviving remnant of Artesia today is the Artesia (or Jeffords) Cemetary, which remains in place between the two sides of the Samuel C Phillips Hwy, unfortunately beyond the NASA restricted area gates. There was also a townhome development in Cape Canaveral around 2002 that shared the name.