1983 Alfa-Romeo GTV6

Wilbert's (not Wilson's, not sure where that error came from) was, among other things, a treasure trove of things I didn't know I needed. In addition to our previous feature on a VW 411, nearby in the weirdos and oldies rows was another European car I'd never heard of, but one a world's away from VW's little economy estate.

Sitting in front of you is a 1983 Alfa-Romeo GTV6, a car that is, to my untrained eyes, a damn good looking car, even if it's a little hard to see in this picked over carcass (trust me, this is it's good side). The GTV6 was a polished up version of the Alfetta GT, which itself was the shined up version of the base Alfetta. The GT featured a new body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and the 1980 introduction of the GTV 2.0 spruced up the design with new tail lights, bumpers, and side skirts, in addition to swapping the stainless steel trim for matte black.

Coming later in 1980, the GTV6 was introduced, swapping out a European standard 4 cylinder for a 2.5L V6, poached from Alfa-Romeo's Alfa 6 sedans. Along with this was a new slightly bulging hood to accomodate the new engine, which did mar the lines a bit, but hey, sacrifices for power, right?

Unfortunately, none of that can be really seen here, as this poor thing's engine bay is a spiky graveyard of exposed engine studs and dangling wiring, the hood lost entirely. Also on this side we get to see what likely put this here, a nice ugly hit right on the bottom of the driverside doorframe. I can't and don't want to imagine what realizing the extent of that damage would feel like.

The interior is what I call standard spec for most cool cars at a junkyard- that is, stripped right down to the bone. The radio and e-brake are about the biggest intact pieces left, but aside from that the dash is full of holes and idle spiderwebs. Seats, tossed aside in the pursuit of valuable interior modules, can be just barely seen on the edge of the frame. Swinging to the frankly, filth-covered interior door panel, we can at least see the quite cool, 80s-styled door handle. And hey, it is blue, which is always a point in my book.

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