One of my favorite things to photograph is malls- dead and alive, though the dead ones tend to be more interesting. (Go ahead and take that out of context). Below is a list of the malls I've visited, with links to their pages. In some cases, I'll have comparions with older shots.

West Oaks Mall - Ocoee, FL - August 2020 Melbourne Square Mall - Melbourne, FL - 2019-2021 Orlando Fashion Square Mall - Orlando, FL - January 2020 Orlando Fashion Square Mall - Orlando, FL - March 2021 Brevard Mall - Melbourne, FL - October 2020 Titusville (Searstown) Mall - Titusville, FL - February 2019 Titusville (Searstown) Mall - Titusville, FL - May 2021 DeSoto Square Mall - Bradenton, FL - November 2020 Plaza Del Sol (Osceola Square) - Kissimmee, FL - March 2021 Frederick Towne Mall - Frederick, MD - June 2020

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