Storefront Guide : Payless Shoe Source

Variant 1: Smooth Black Stone

Holotype: Former storefront at Palmer Park Mall, Easton, PA (left) and Northland Center, Southfield, MI (right)

Spotting Features: Thin facade at top made of smooth black faux-stone, rest of the facade is fairly non-distinct, with large, flat windows and thin white pillars.

Photographer Credit: The Gone-Ton (left), Southeast Michigan Retail (right)

Variant 2: Black Stone Tiles

Holotype: Former storefronts at Conestoga Mall, Grand Island, NE (left) and Westland Center Mall, Westland, MI (right)

Spotting Features: Same as 1st variant, but thin facade at top is made of black faux-stone tiles, instead of being one smooth block.

Photographer Credit: dblackwood (left), ThatSawsbuckGuy (right)

Variant 3: Multi-Stone

Holotype: Former storefront at the Melbourne Square Mall, Melbourne, FL

Spotting Features: Faux-marble on the sides and outlining the front, with tiles in the middle made of cold and warm gray stone patterns. Smooth stone tiles in the corners.

Photographer Credit: Cape Kennedy Retail

Variant 4: Modern

Holotype: Operating storefronts at the Country Club Mall, Cumberland, MD (left) and Merritt Square Mall, Merritt Island, FL (right)

Spotting Features: Simplified even further from previous designs; smooth block at the top and thin pillars and flat glass

Photographer Credit: Random Retail (left), Cape Kennedy Retail (right).